Our mission


We will continue to maintain existing measures, to propose new ones, and most of all, to fully enforce them, in order to protect Bark Lake, and its inflows and outflows, from environmental threats. These include, amongst others: deforestation, residential development, their impacts on shorelines, and the installation of roads and other infrastructure. We understand that the protection and survival of the Lake are inextricably linked to that of the Municipality, which was originally established for this very specific goal.


We will continue communication tools with all the residents, in both official languages of Barkmere, in order to foster a climate of collaboration, listening and mutual understanding. We will strive to ensure that the population is well informed at all times of the activities of the Municipal Council.


We will continue to work to maintain the integrity of the Town of Barkmere, while looking for ways to share services and costs with neighbouring municipalities to our mutual benefit. We believe that, by effectively managing the budget of the Town and in controlling its development, we will be able to maintain reasonable taxation levels. In turn, this will allow the Town to continue existing and its residents to live harmoniously within its boundaries.


We will continue to represent all the citizens of Barkmere without exception, whether they inhabit the village or are seasonal residents accessing their property by road or by boat.






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Our team

Luc Trépanier


A few years ago, I decided to devote my time and my energy as Mayor, to help Our Community and Our Lake. I do not regret this decision at all: it allowed me to meet so many fascinating people who share my love for Bark Lake. Together, with our amazing team of councillors, and with the help of our devoted employees, we will continue to protect our heritage, to pass it down to the future generations of Barklakers, as perfect as it was passed to us. I am very proud of our accomplishments.

We have stabilized the finances of the Town, which enabled us to reduce our taxes by more than 10%. We have created a park for our residents who do not have a direct access to the Lake. We have worked with the municipal administration to establish a fair enforcement of our bylaws, and to put in place an approach aiming to help people doing their projects while respecting these bylaws. And finally, we have succeeded in finding the necessary financing, to allow us to build a new municipal building for the benefit of all of our community, permanent residents as well as seasonal. And all this, without having to face an additional tax burden.

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Jake M. Chadwick


I am pleased to serve as councillor once again in Barkmere. I have been coming to Bark Lake with my family for over 50 years. Since 2009 I have been proud to represent you as municipal councillor directing the environment portfolio as President of the Consultative Committee for the Environment (CCE). As you know, for the last two years the CCE has been diligently focussed on mitigating the impact and proliferation of Eurasian milfoil – by far the worst environment (and therefore economic) risk we have ever faced in the community. Working with the team comprised of town administration, specialized diving team and many volunteers we have designed and implemented a thorough review and removal process over the last two summers. As a result, we believe we are ahead of the game and well positioned to limit the proliferation of the invading species. We must continue this important work.

I have also continued to lead our important water testing programme over the last four years. I have participated in the regional environmental committee as board member of the local water basin association (OBV – RPNS) and regional lake association meetings. These external relationships are important to understand what is happening in the environment outside our municipal borders. Also, I have spearheaded efforts with the CCE and community volunteers to assist in shoreline restoration projects. I would like to capitalize on all these experiences and continue to lead these environmental efforts going forward.

Environment Portfolio

Marc-Olivier Duchesne


I am honoured by your trust in this first mandate as municipal councillor in Barkmere. My family and I have fallen in love with the lake during summer 2015. I had the chance to be part of the Executive of the BLPA last year. I would like to thank all the people that contributed voluntarily or not to my integration in our magnificent community by sharing their friends, the history of Barkmere, its traditions and a few anecdotes.

Soon, with my colleagues, we will start the Citizen’s Forums. Following the example of other municipalities that have already implemented it, we feel that it is time to have meetings where the Barkmere citizens can express themselves freely, outside of the formal agenda of the Council meetings, or the fixed frame of the public consultation meetings on urban planning. This Forum will not be monopolized by the members of the Council, and they will satisfy themselves with listening to the ideas and the concerns of everyone. I am available to exchange with you and represent you on your concerns. To the pleasure of meeting you soon!
Infrastructures & Services Citizen's Forum

Marc Fredette


My wife, my two sons, and I have been enjoying Barkmere for almost 30 years. The beauty and uniqueness of Barkmere have developed a strong desire to volunteer because I truly care about the people and its environment. I am dedicated to Barkmere and have been involved in the BLPA, the CCU and numerous groups over the years. Barkmere is our jewel and it should be cherished.

As Councillor, I have been in charge of the finances of our Town. It fits naturally with my professional life being a Chartered Accountant with an MBA in finance. I am a business veteran where financial acumen and integrity are key ingredients to success. I know how to instill strong cost control to lessen the taxpayers’ financial burden. A low and stable tax bill provides financial peace of mind to the citizens while a strong financial position allows the Town to control its destiny. It is hard work but it is a win-win combination.

Finance Portfolio

Position to fill



Public Security & Navigation Portfolios

Stephen Lloyd


I am a third generation Bark Laker who is passionately committed to and proud of our community. Barkmere is a jewel that we should all be able to enjoy and prosper within. Through my work in business, law and on the boards of many non-profit organizations, I have been fortunate to develop a skill set which is helpful in contributing to a solid and equitable governance of our Town.

Our "new" by-laws are now almost 10 years old. Over the last 8 years, under the leadership of Mayor Trepanier, our Council has worked to fine-tune those by-laws by removing some unnecessarily complicated rules and tightening other measures with the goal of reinforcing our key values: a harmonious and respectful community, a beautiful landscape and a healthy and protected environment. We have tried to do so on a consensus basis, striving to help all our individual citizens to best enjoy their Barkmere properties while ensuring that the common good is taken into account.

I want to carry on this work. My next focus is on a re-assessment of the scope of the grandfather rights for crib docks. We need to better understand the true environmental factors at stake vis-à-vis our Barkmere construction realities and recent difficult experiences of our citizens with piling docks. It is an honour to serve our community.


Legal Portfolio

Chantal Raymond


I am delighted to be reelected municipal councillor for a second mandate and to be able to give back to this community that gave me so much. I have taken the communications portfolio again with great enthusiasm, and I will try to improve it . It is my belief that good communication is essential and that everyone must be informed of what is happening at council meetings, the stakes and challenges that surround us but more to the point what we are working on at present.

I have been working on the development of a new trail on Goulden Island. I have also spearheaded the ‘rope and wood’ games on Goulden Island to to entice young and not-so-young people to exercise. I would like to continue to develop exterior projects so that everyone can enjoy fully this extraordinary environment that is Barkmere.
Communications and Leisure activities Portfolio