Municipal contracts

In 2010, The Government of Quebec has adopted the projects of law 76 and 102 to rule the obligations of the municipalities in terms of contract Management Policy. One of these obligations is, starting April 1st 2011, to publish on the website of the SEAO (Système Électronique d'Appel d'Offres), the list of contracts that the Town has awarded superior to $25,000 and to ensure a weblink on the website of the town.

Click on the link and enter the name Ville de Barkmere in organisation to access the list.

2017 Budget

Here is the Budget 2017

Pay your taxes by Internet

For information on how to pay your taxes by internet, click on this link and go to page 2 for more information.

Your Taxes

Just like every other municipalities in Canada, the Town of Barkmere relies mainly on a property tax levy to pay for its operations, the salaries of its employees, etc. Barkmere has one of the lowest General Tax rate in the Province of Quebec. And apart from two specific taxes for the maintenance of Duncan Road and Priests Road billed only to the properties adjacent to these roads, the General Tax is all inclusive: there are no extra waste management tax, police tax, water tax, etc. The Town allows the payment of taxes in three installments, if the total taxes to pay are more than $300.00. These installments are due on March 1st, June 1st and August 1st. In September, if the total taxes are not paid, the Town imposes a penalty of 10% on the unpaid taxes, to cover the collection fees related to these amounts. In the spirit of fairness, it would be unacceptable for the other tax payers to pay for these collection fees.

It is very important that each tax payer in Barkmere pay their taxes and other charges in full and on time. If this does not happen, the other tax payers would have to pay for the extra costs that would be incurred by the Town (interest charges, borrowing charges, etc.). To avoid this unfair situation, the Town’s Taxation Bylaws include a provision to charge 15% annual interest for unpaid bills. These interest charges are calculated at the end of every month on the unpaid balance. The interest is therefore compounded, as it also applies on the interest charges of previous months. The interest is charged for any amount owing, which may include transfer taxes, wharf rental, etc.

Your tax invoice shows the amounts of arrears, interests and penalties owing on your account as of December 31st. These amounts are included in the total of the first installment due March 1st showing at the bottom right of your invoice. Please note that if you have amounts owing, there will be interest charges calculated at the end of January and February. To avoid these interest charges, you should send a payment to the Town for the arrears, interests and penalties before March 1st. Just like every other municipalities in Quebec, the Town does NOT and will NOT send statements of accounts on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of the tax payers to ensure that their taxes are paid on time, and to communicate with the Finance Department of the Town to verify if there are balances to pay during the year. If you own property in Barkmere, you have taxes to pay. If you purchased property in Barkmere, your deed of sale that the notary prepared indicates the amount of transfer taxes due.

You must pay your tax bills in full, even if you believe that these taxes are too high, due to an exaggerated evaluation, for example. Your tax invoice indicates how you can contest your evaluation. If the evaluation service of the RCM of Laurentians reduces your evaluation after a contestation, the Town will issue a tax credit, retroactive to the date of the change, but will NOT credit the interests on unpaid balances.

In summary, to avoid any issues, please pay your taxes in full and on time, as per your tax invoice.