Barkmere was incorporated in 1926 under the Cities and Towns Act of the Province of Quebec. The main objective pursued by the “founding fathers” was to protect Bark Lake and its environment against the threats of deforestation, agricultural runoffs, and overfishing. These preoccupations were very forward thinking for the era.Over the years, generations of Mayors and Councillors have continued this countercurrent approach to municipal administration, where protection and preservation supersede development. They have enacted various bylaws to protect the shoreline, to enforce maintenance of septic systems, and to control residential development.Today, the result of these efforts is a Lake with pristine waters, surrounded by a natural landscape where the footprint of the residents is kept to a minimum. These residents, the Bark Lakers, are very proud of their achievements, and very protective of their lake. Thanks to their continuous efforts, and their rigorous standards, this legacy of beauty and tranquility is being preserved for the future generations.Feel free to explore the website and let us know your comments.

Luc Trépanier, mayor of the city

7 September 2017

Hydro-Quebec – Grand-Brûlé/Saint-Sauveur Supply Line – Start of Work

Click on this link to have information about the start of work.

Click on this link to have map and general information. (French only)

30 April 2017

Council Meeting postponed to Saturday, January 20th due to winter storm

Due to an upcoming storm, it has been decided to postpone the next council meeting.  It will be held on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 at 10:00 AM.    Here is the proposed agenda for the Council meeting.
18 March 2016

The dam

A video of the dam.

25 February 2016

Your Emergency Plan

By definition, emergencies happen when we don’t expect them, and often when families are not together. Suddenly, you need to think about your kids at school or elderly parents across town. If phones don’t work, or some streets aren’t accessible, what will you do?  Having a family emergency plan will save time and make real situations less stressful.  Click on this link to get prepared.  Click on this link to register with the Laurentian MRC,




Risk of fire 
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